━━━ Services for Sustainability.

Our mission statement
Respect for the spaces in which we live

SFS has always been sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability and respect for the spaces in which we live. That is why it has made sustainability its guiding principle, including a section devoted to the development of the sixth BIM dimension (6d) within its work. Sustainability is then declined in all its facets (environmental, economic, social and management), integrated with new technologies and vanguards in the field.

Analysis, evaluation and interpretation thus become the guidelines that SFS follows from the earliest stages of project development, with the aim of systematically addressing these issues.

These methodologies become effective if they are structured as models that are simple in application, can be used for different types of development, and above all are capable of providing immediate feedback on a sustainability judgment in order to determine effective and efficient choices.

Experts in the environmental component, our goal is to specialize SFS in the Social and Governance components as well.

At SFS, when designing a green space, we aim to:

sostenibilità ambientale