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What is meant by urban heat island?

Urban heat island effect (UHI) is a phenomenon that occurs when the temperature of a city is significantly higher than the temperature of surrounding rural areas due to human activity and urbanization.…
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Introduction to Bugs Hotels: a safe haven for Biodiversity.

In an increasingly urbanized and industrialized world, what makes a company truly sustainable is conceiving biodiversity conservation a key priority. Practices that promote the preservation of local ecosystems include Bugs Hotels, structures…
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Light pollution negatively affects not only the environment, but also our well-being

Light pollution is an increasingly common phenomenon that occurs when excessive artificial light emission impairs the visibility of the night sky, thereby causing adverse effects on the environment and the health of…
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Green as a design element: a bridge between nature and the city.

In our cities, greenery is not just a decorative element but a real tool through which to connect nature with its surroundings. The importance of urban biodiversity and its tangible benefits is…
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World Water Day 2024 and the importance of Sustainable Design.

Every year, on March 22, the world celebrates World Water Day, an opportunity to reflect on the crucial importance of this precious commodity and the management of water resources, especially in the…
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How many and what types of economies exist and the Blue Economy model.

In the current global landscape, we are faced with different patterns that reflect our interaction with our surroundings and natural resources. Among these, functionally related to the resource/environment relationship, the following terminologies…
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