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Site Sustainability Management

Site Sustainability Management deals with sustainability on the construction site.

The main responsibility is to support the achievement of the project’s sustainability aspirations in the construction, delivery, and closure phases, and to obtain the evaluation green desired. They are the champions of on-site sustainability and ensure that the environmental impacts of the site are minimized.


Site Sustainability Management is able to:

  • Understand the basics of sustainability on the construction site.
  • Understand the performance gap and identify potential problems that could increase that gap.
  • Understand the principles of infrared thermography and how to achieve an airtight building.
  • Understand the certification process and know one’s role in post-construction evaluation.
  • Be able to identify the correct type of test for Commissioning.
  • Understand how Building Information Management (BIM) can support site work and enable better sustainability outcomes.
  • Know how to successfully promote sustainability at the worksite, including involving workers and the supply chain.